Day In, Day Out

19 Apr

What have we been up to lately?

Yesterday morning we played our hearts out at the “Big Park.”

Inés brought her baby doll to the park.

We dressed the baby (approximately 50 times) in a red dress and striped jacket.

Inés and Santi worked on the Dora the Explorer puzzle.

Santi fit the last piece into place.

And this is what the puzzle looked like!

We also assemlbed a Spider Man puzzle.

Cousin Javi joined us at the park and them came home with us for lunch.

In the afternoon we colored in the kitchen.

We opened up a brand new box of Crayola coloring crayons.

Inés selected her colors carefully.

And Santi drew a small "door" that he taped on his actual door. Very creative, right?

This morning we headed to the “Park with Rocks.”

We decided to take our Silly Putty to the park.

Inés initially thought it was gum and tried to consume it (no need to worry, I quickly intervened).

I took a few photos of the littlest bean (all decked out in pink–she was so, so thrilled to put on her favorite color this morning) at the park.

Inés, getting situated...


...And then throwing the side-eye at Santi.

Now the little beans are sleeping siesta and I am listening to “La quiero a morir” and attempting to mentally pack my suitcase (because we are driving to the beach tomorrow afternoon)!


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