Semana Santa in Andalucía

26 Apr

On Wednesday we made the 5-hour drive from Madrid to Málaga to spend Semana Santa in Nerja.

Me, posing in front of the ocean on our walk to Mass.

The long weekend was rainy and cool but we filled our time indoors playing poker (but betting only sea shells) and watching television specials about the lives of the Spanish royal family.

On Good Friday we watched the Procession of the Burial of Christ and the Holy Virgin of Dolores.

The crowd outside the church on Friday night.

The procession, leaving the church.

The "cofradías," parading past us.

The Holy Virgin of Dolores (The Virgin of Sorrows).

The Virgin on her throne.

Jesus, carrying the cross.

On Sunday morning we witnessed the Procession of Christ resurrected and Holy Mary that wound through Nerja’s narrow streets.

The Procession of Christ Resurrected and the Virgin Mary.

Turning the corner.

And then raising the float.

On Sunday night we went to mass and then stuffed ourselves full of cuttlefish and mussels at a late dinner.

Yesterday afternoon we reluctantly headed back to the city and now I trying my best to fall back into our routine here at home.


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