The Bunny and the Rivalry

27 Apr

The Easter Bunny paid a (belated) visit to our house yesterday afternoon.

Santi found a coloring book under his bed!

Inés, Almu, and Santi with their Easter surprises.

Santi and his new Spider-Man stickers.

Santi, coloring Spider-Man red.

And showing off his sweet smile.

Today we did a little more coloring.

Inés, coloring Dora the Explorer.

And posing with a green crayon.

All our pretty coloring crayons on the kitchen table.

We also played with a small toy car of Santiago’s.

Santi and his yellow car...

...that changes from yellow... red in warm water.

And voilà, the car is red!

Santi is so clever and thought to turn the car into a patriotic kind of vehicle!

The car, resembling the Spanish flag.

Tonight we tied on some patriotic bracelets in support of Real Madrid in their match against Barcelona.

Almu and her bracelet.

And I am wearing one too!

Santi wore his Iker Casillas jersey.

Santi, representing Real Madrid's goalkeeper.


And one final picture that I had to include; Santi looks so handsome (even more handsome than Casillas himself, I think)!

Update:  Messi scored two goals for Barça and left me disappointed–I was (shockingly) engaged in the game and spent 90 minutes picking my thumbnail, hoping that Madrid could win (my sudden zeal to see Barcelona lose had something to do with something nasty Piqué yelled a few weeks ago).


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