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Wake Up Call

31 May

Yesterday afternoon while Almu worked on (or struggled with, don’t worry I did my best to help her without printing out the vocabulary words myself) her Language Arts homework Santi and Inés played with our extensive car collection.

Inés, steering the remote-controlled car.

And showing off her smile!

This morning the girls had an especially difficult time waking up–I enticed them out of bed with new, sparkly, pink headbands!

Almu, eating breakfast while wearing her brand new accessory.

And Inés.

It is still cloudy here in Pozuelo and I am scheming about sleeping a little siesta this afternoon…


Laying Low

30 May

There is nothing like a relaxing, lazy weekend after a long week!

I spent Friday night and the following morning at home with the three beans.

Santi (niño) woke up a few hours before his sisters on Saturday so we opened up some shiny new Matchbox cars and entertained ourselves constructing a paper racetrack.

Santi, admiring his new cars.

And holding up the fleet.

On Saturday afternoon Santi (mayor) and I ate a late lunch and then walked to see Rio–since I have only been talking about wanting to see the animated film for about two months.  I loved the movie–I laughed and laughed (and obviously loved the scenes that were set in Minnesota)!

Rio cracked us up on Saturday.

On the way home we made a detour so I could admire the window displays of one of my favorite spots in the city.

Pretty macaroons on display.

On Sunday I woke up bright and early to run a 10 K through Salamanca.

Me, smiling at the finish!

Sunday afternoon was spent napping, watching Alaska y Mario, and napping a little more.

Today it is cool and overcast in Madrid and I am curled up on the couch scouring this website for a reasonably priced massage…

Finally Friday

27 May

Thank goodness it is Friday! It has been a gray, rainy day here in Madrid but I can’t pretend that it isn’t cozy to be hunkered down at home while it storms outside.

I colored in a picture of Big Bird in a rainstorm yesterday afternoon. Prophetic?

This week was pretty routine (even if it felt very long).

On Tuesday we escaped the heat and did some coloring in the kitchen.

Santi, coloring his new Superman activity book.

And cutting out some paper decorations.

Inés, pausing in her paper pasting to look at the camera.

Almu and Santi, playing a game of tic-tac-toe.

And our colorful craft table--the three beans are well-supplied little artists!

On Wednesday after school the three little ones got all cleaned up to head to their cousin Carlota’s birthday party.



And Inés!

And last night we transitioned from winter pajamas to summer sleepwear and Inés pulled on her favorite Hello Kitty gear!

Inés, modeling her sparkly Hello Kitty pajamas.

And Almu, playing after bath time.

And finally, one tidbit from the week I had to share: on Tuesday morning I found this Atlético Madrid pennant in the trash (someone must have given it to Santi as a small gift and, being the clever Real Madrid fan that he is he tossed it in the garbage)!  I admit it, I was impressed with the little bean’s fierce team loyalty.

The discarded Atleti banner.

Update: Almu and Inés performed a dance routine for me this evening while we waited for Santi to come home from a play date with his friend Lola.  The performance involved a lot of hand-clapping and arm waving and I snapped a few photos from my seat in the audience.

Almu and Inés, dancing in their costumes.

My two ballerinas, smiling after the production.


Bubbles, Bookworms, and a Brand New Car

24 May

Yesterday afternoon the three beans and I played outside, blowing lots and lots of scented bubbles.

Almu, catching a bubble on the bubble wand.

And Inés, gripping her bubble making accessories!

While Almu and Santi rode their bikes through the urba Inés and I pulled out Dónde vive Maisy?–Inés has the story memorized and now likes to “read” it to me.

Inés holding one of her favorite library books.

And discovering the little mouse behind the door of her house.

Later on Santi and Almu completed their homework and Inés ate a cupcake!

Inés, devouring her sweet treat.

And this morning while we waited for the children’s ride to pick them up before school we opened a present–a car whose color changes in cool and warm water!

Santi, holding out the car's packaging.

Almu and Santi, studying the instructions (I love the fierce look of concentration on Almu's face).

Alum, holding Santi's new vehicle and Santi, still studying the literature that accompanied the little car.

Almu, rinsing the car to change it's color from blue to white.

And the car, changing colors!

Now we are at home doing a little coloring and trying to stay cool, it is a hot, hot day here in Madrid!

Almu, posing earlier today.

The Atomic Ant Checks In

23 May

The comparisons between myself and Atom Ant began a few weeks ago when Santiago mayor pointed out our resemblance while I buckled on my motorcycle helmet.

Enormous head-gear and a squat stature are what the cartoon rodent and I have in common.

So, on Sunday afternoon Monica and I baked cupcakes!  I decorated a few of the treats for the little beans and laid out their brand new character place mats on the table last night for a Monday morning surprise!

Our breakfast of milk and cupcakes.

Almu, enjoying a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting on her Princess place mat.

And Santi, opening his little peepers very wide!

And while Almu, Santi, and their parents were away on their cruise last week Almu lost her two front teeth!

Almu, displaying her new smile before school this morning!

This morning I went to the gym for a short run and when I came home I finally sorted through the giant box of cars, stickers, colors, coloring books, and costumes my parents sent us over a week ago!

We will love, love, love every single sticker, crayon, and toy car in this big box!

Home Alone

18 May

Inés and I have been home alone this week.

The little bean has had a cough (which has translated into trouble sleeping through the night) but I am hoping that after a trip to the doctor this morning she is now on the road to recovery.

Yesterday afternoon we opened two bottles of bubbles; Inés absolutely loves them–she was giggling the entire time!

The orange bubbles were pretty but a little messy.

Inés, eying her apple-scented bubbles.

...and blowing some bubbles herself...

...catching a few on her bubble wand...

...perfecting her bubble-blowing technique...

...and smiling for the camera!

Tourist Traps

16 May
Last week was a standard one around here.

On Thursday afternoon we opened and assembled a new Playmobil scene.

Inés and the Playmovil box.

Almu, Inés, and the Playmovil box.

Santi and the model construction site we managed to put together.

Almu also spent time that afternoon making a pretty pink collage that she gave me as a present!

Almu and the collage.

And another of Almu, admiring her work.

I spent a quiet, relaxing weekend in the city.

On Friday afternoon we went on a long walk (I swear we must have walked nearly 10 kilometers) in search of a frozen yogurt spot that had received a glowing review by Monica.

We took a break in our quest for frozen yogurt to snap a photo a Plaza Colón.

Me, at Plaza Colón.

When we finally arrived at our famous frozen yogurt destination we confronted an intimidatingly long line and Santiago and I were both too exhausted to do anything but limp home, sans frozen yogurt.

But do not think for a second that we gave up!  It poured on Saturday but on Sunday the frozen yogurt hunt began anew!  We savored our yogurt and then walked down to the Palacio Real and strolled through La Catedral de la Almudena.

The park outside of the palace.

And me, in front of the Royal Palace.

This weekend the two oldest beans and their parents headed off for a week-long cruise.

I wrapped up two coloring books that my parents had sent us and sent them off with Almu and Santi for some entertainment during their long flight.

And on Friday another enormous care package was delivered to our house–it is positively packed full of all the things that the three beans love.  Today Inés tried on her new Tinkerbell costume.  She was quick to point out that although the costume features a pair of shiny green wings she would not be capable of actually flying in it.  You cannot get much past the clever little bean.

Inés' new, sparkling Tinkerbell costume.

Inés, posing in her dress.

And clasping her hands in excitement.

Coloring in the new dress.

And adding some yellow to my portrait of Tinkerbell which she deemed looked like "a bad witch."