Long, Lazy Weekend

3 May

Late things first–my dad celebrated his birthday on Saturday.  Happy belated birthday, dad!  I wish we could have shared a slice of white cake with white frosting (our favorite kind of cake).

While Santi and I waited for his ride to pick him up for rugby practice on Saturday morning we did a little bit of coloring.

Santi, all decked out in his rugby uniform.

I crafted a birthday card.

And Santi checked out my work.

That morning Inés also also hopped onto the coloring bandwagon.

Inés, coloring a house.

And smiling (she looks cute even with that toothpaste on her little face).

The day before Inés participated in “Costume Day” at her school and put on her very best princess duds.

Inés, looking just like Princess Belle on Friday morning before school.

And showing off a small smile.

Almu, crowning her younger sister.

This weekend was nice and long (Monday was a holiday here in Spain).  This weekend was also very lazy–we went to see Thor, watched episode after episode of Jersey Shore, and flipped through cookbooks.

I want to make some cupcakes sometime soon!

We also spent a good amount of time studying the images from the royal wedding.

Monica and I paged through ¡Hola! a few times.

The Queen and the Prince and Princess of Asturias attended William and Catherine's wedding in London.



One Response to “Long, Lazy Weekend”

  1. Ann Andre May 3, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    Thank you for the sweet pictures

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