9 May

This weekend was a little bit of this and a little bit of that…

On Friday night we went to the Madrid Open at the Caja Mágica.

My ticket to Friday night's matches.

I spent Saturday night and Sunday morning at home with the three little beans.

Early on Sunday morning Almu and Santi completed their homework.

Almu, with her homework.

And Santi, with his homework.

After we took care of the serious business we turned our attention to–you guessed it, coloring!

Almu, ready to draw a few pictures!

Almu and her new Tinkerbell stickers.

Santi, Almu and their stickers.

The two children, coloring, coloring, and coloring some more.

Almu, perfecting a castle scene.

And carefully selecting which crayon to employ in the process.

This afternoon the three beans and I did something a little out of the ordinary!  We painted with our watercolors!

Santi, painting Sponge Bob Square Pants and an enormous piece of red gummy candy (two of his most favorite things).

Almu, taking a break from her painting to strike a pose for a photo.

And Inés with her new set of watercolor paints.


One Response to “Lately”

  1. Ann Andre May 13, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    I know the kids will enjoy the contents of the box you just received from Mpls! They will be the best colorers in Madrid!!

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