Tourist Traps

16 May
Last week was a standard one around here.

On Thursday afternoon we opened and assembled a new Playmobil scene.

Inés and the Playmovil box.

Almu, Inés, and the Playmovil box.

Santi and the model construction site we managed to put together.

Almu also spent time that afternoon making a pretty pink collage that she gave me as a present!

Almu and the collage.

And another of Almu, admiring her work.

I spent a quiet, relaxing weekend in the city.

On Friday afternoon we went on a long walk (I swear we must have walked nearly 10 kilometers) in search of a frozen yogurt spot that had received a glowing review by Monica.

We took a break in our quest for frozen yogurt to snap a photo a Plaza Colón.

Me, at Plaza Colón.

When we finally arrived at our famous frozen yogurt destination we confronted an intimidatingly long line and Santiago and I were both too exhausted to do anything but limp home, sans frozen yogurt.

But do not think for a second that we gave up!  It poured on Saturday but on Sunday the frozen yogurt hunt began anew!  We savored our yogurt and then walked down to the Palacio Real and strolled through La Catedral de la Almudena.

The park outside of the palace.

And me, in front of the Royal Palace.

This weekend the two oldest beans and their parents headed off for a week-long cruise.

I wrapped up two coloring books that my parents had sent us and sent them off with Almu and Santi for some entertainment during their long flight.

And on Friday another enormous care package was delivered to our house–it is positively packed full of all the things that the three beans love.  Today Inés tried on her new Tinkerbell costume.  She was quick to point out that although the costume features a pair of shiny green wings she would not be capable of actually flying in it.  You cannot get much past the clever little bean.

Inés' new, sparkling Tinkerbell costume.

Inés, posing in her dress.

And clasping her hands in excitement.

Coloring in the new dress.

And adding some yellow to my portrait of Tinkerbell which she deemed looked like "a bad witch."


One Response to “Tourist Traps”

  1. Ann Andre May 18, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    I love Inez in her Tinkerbell costume. So sorry those wings would not lift her off the ground 😦 Thanks for all the pictures!

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