The Atomic Ant Checks In

23 May

The comparisons between myself and Atom Ant began a few weeks ago when Santiago mayor pointed out our resemblance while I buckled on my motorcycle helmet.

Enormous head-gear and a squat stature are what the cartoon rodent and I have in common.

So, on Sunday afternoon Monica and I baked cupcakes!  I decorated a few of the treats for the little beans and laid out their brand new character place mats on the table last night for a Monday morning surprise!

Our breakfast of milk and cupcakes.

Almu, enjoying a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting on her Princess place mat.

And Santi, opening his little peepers very wide!

And while Almu, Santi, and their parents were away on their cruise last week Almu lost her two front teeth!

Almu, displaying her new smile before school this morning!

This morning I went to the gym for a short run and when I came home I finally sorted through the giant box of cars, stickers, colors, coloring books, and costumes my parents sent us over a week ago!

We will love, love, love every single sticker, crayon, and toy car in this big box!


One Response to “The Atomic Ant Checks In”

  1. Ann Andre May 23, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    Thanks! Remember “up and at um atom ant”!!

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