Bubbles, Bookworms, and a Brand New Car

24 May

Yesterday afternoon the three beans and I played outside, blowing lots and lots of scented bubbles.

Almu, catching a bubble on the bubble wand.

And Inés, gripping her bubble making accessories!

While Almu and Santi rode their bikes through the urba Inés and I pulled out Dónde vive Maisy?–Inés has the story memorized and now likes to “read” it to me.

Inés holding one of her favorite library books.

And discovering the little mouse behind the door of her house.

Later on Santi and Almu completed their homework and Inés ate a cupcake!

Inés, devouring her sweet treat.

And this morning while we waited for the children’s ride to pick them up before school we opened a present–a car whose color changes in cool and warm water!

Santi, holding out the car's packaging.

Almu and Santi, studying the instructions (I love the fierce look of concentration on Almu's face).

Alum, holding Santi's new vehicle and Santi, still studying the literature that accompanied the little car.

Almu, rinsing the car to change it's color from blue to white.

And the car, changing colors!

Now we are at home doing a little coloring and trying to stay cool, it is a hot, hot day here in Madrid!

Almu, posing earlier today.


2 Responses to “Bubbles, Bookworms, and a Brand New Car”

  1. Ann Andre May 24, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    You are so right – the look of concentration!! The bubbles look like they were a hit too. Stay cool!

    • Megan May 26, 2011 at 4:07 am #

      So adorable Annalisa! Your blog is almost 1 year old!!!!!

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