Finally Friday

27 May

Thank goodness it is Friday! It has been a gray, rainy day here in Madrid but I can’t pretend that it isn’t cozy to be hunkered down at home while it storms outside.

I colored in a picture of Big Bird in a rainstorm yesterday afternoon. Prophetic?

This week was pretty routine (even if it felt very long).

On Tuesday we escaped the heat and did some coloring in the kitchen.

Santi, coloring his new Superman activity book.

And cutting out some paper decorations.

Inés, pausing in her paper pasting to look at the camera.

Almu and Santi, playing a game of tic-tac-toe.

And our colorful craft table--the three beans are well-supplied little artists!

On Wednesday after school the three little ones got all cleaned up to head to their cousin Carlota’s birthday party.



And Inés!

And last night we transitioned from winter pajamas to summer sleepwear and Inés pulled on her favorite Hello Kitty gear!

Inés, modeling her sparkly Hello Kitty pajamas.

And Almu, playing after bath time.

And finally, one tidbit from the week I had to share: on Tuesday morning I found this Atlético Madrid pennant in the trash (someone must have given it to Santi as a small gift and, being the clever Real Madrid fan that he is he tossed it in the garbage)!  I admit it, I was impressed with the little bean’s fierce team loyalty.

The discarded Atleti banner.

Update: Almu and Inés performed a dance routine for me this evening while we waited for Santi to come home from a play date with his friend Lola.  The performance involved a lot of hand-clapping and arm waving and I snapped a few photos from my seat in the audience.

Almu and Inés, dancing in their costumes.

My two ballerinas, smiling after the production.



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