Wednesday Words

8 Jun

This morning on my walk home from the nursing home where I am volunteering I noticed a new billboard along the street.  It says, “Often we do not see the good things in life, although they pass right in front of our eyes.”*  Isn’t that a nice sentiment?  I was so struck by it that I snapped a picture!

I have been pondering this billboard's message.

Thoughtful billboards aside, yesterday afternoon the three beans and I opened up a new coloring kit, Crayola’s Color Wonder.

Inés, checking out the new art supplies.

And coloring on the special paper with the special markers.

The girls, working on their drawings.

And Santi, signing his masterpiece.

Just one more thing–I have always loved how the niñas here in Madrid wear ribbons in their hair (although I may spent approximately a quarter of my day tying and retying Inés’ bow)–and Kelly recently wrote a little post about the hair accessories!

*That is about the best translation I could muster–not perfect but not terrible either!


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