Christmas in June

9 Jun

In the past two days we have been showed with gifts!

Yesterday we opened up some brand new items from a box my parents had sent us a few weeks ago!

Almu was surprised with a Hello Kitty coloring book…

Almu and her coloring book.

…And Santi a foam pirate ship kit!

Santi and his pirate ship kit.

Inés was gifted a small pack of capsules that transform themselves into larger shapes in warm water.

Inés and her "expanding surprise shapes."

Santi and Almu, patiently waiting for the capsules to reveal their shapes!

And Santi, smiling with his capsule.

This afternoon we played outside in the urba (we have been sticking close to home lately since the sky has been looking so threatening).

Inés, skating around earlier today.

Alright–I had to share this series of photos that I took of Inés and her bubbles, they are almost too precious.

Showing off a "giant" bubble...


...blowing a bubble...


...blowing a few more bubbles...

...and a few more (check out her cheeks)...

...and then a few more!

And then, this morning the mailman delivered a package to the house–it is filled both with my essentials (Luna bars, a copy of Elle, and Crystal Lite) and of course, plenty of goodies for the three beans!

Santi, Almu, and Inés--the girls in their new dresses and Santi with his toy car.

Another photo of the little ones with their loot.

Tonight the family headed to a birthday party for their Uncle Roberto but the soiree to bed transition is proving to be a bit of a challenge for us and two out of three beans are currently whining (or pretending to cry) in their room…


One Response to “Christmas in June”

  1. Ann Andre June 9, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the pictures! Enjoy the Mad Men – good night! 🙂

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