What We’ve Got Is Gold

12 Jun

What kind of weekend did you have?

Me, modeling my new, gifted blue dress after lunch in Madrid on Friday afternoon.

I had such a lovely, warm weekend–it feels like summer has arrived in the city!

I spent Friday afternoon at home in Pozuelo with Inés.

We colored our hearts out.

Inés, gripping a new crayon in one hand and a new pencil in the other.

Drawing some yellow fish.

And showing off her printing (she traces letters that I outline in small dots)

On Saturday morning I dressed the niñas in their new white sweaters (it took all of about 5 minutes for Inés to spill milk on the all white ensemble–but I dabbed it right off).

Inés and Almu, dancing to Shakira.

And another photo of the girls performing the Waka Waka routine.

Almu, posing.

And Inés, carefully dressing her baby doll (a tricky task that was quickly handed over to yours truly).

On Saturday Santi and I ate a late lunch at my favorite restaurant in Madrid and then lay low watching trashy television.  This morning we woke up bright and early to run a 10 k at Las Tablas (and although it was roasting hot at 9 in the morning we finished the race)!  This afternoon we munched on tacos and watched 300

And now I am crawling into bed, wondering how it can possibly be Sunday night already.


One Response to “What We’ve Got Is Gold”

  1. Ann Andre June 13, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

    Annalisa, I love the title of today’s blog – how very, very true!!

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