22 Jun

Last Tuesday night  my computer took a bad turn for the mouse-not-clicking and had to be taken to be the Mac Store to be repaired.

Although between last Tuesday and today there has not been much news to report for my post here in Pozuelo except that we have each been taking turns coming down with a very nasty virus during the past ten days (Almu, Inés, and I have all taken trips to the doctor).

Well, I may actually have a little bit of news to report…

On Thursday afternoon I made gazpacho using one of Martha’s recipes (and I made mozzarella and jamón serrano sandwiches to accompany the cold soup–again, I was inspired by Martha).

Ripe tomatoes.

And the vinegars.

On Saturday morning Almu, Santi (niño), and I headed outside to play in the urba.


And Santi

On Saturday afternoon Almu celebrated her birthday party (although her birthday is actually in August).

Almu and her guests at Saturday's pool party.

And finally, we did our fair share of coloring, coloring, coloring.

Inés, coloring on Tuesday morning.

And the girls coloring on Wednesday afternoon.


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