25 Jun

The enormous Spanish flag at Plaza Colón.

Exactly one year ago–perched on the sofa in our living room in Pozuelo–I began writing All-American Girlie.

The 365 days rushed by in a heart beat, I swear.

But in that time what have have I managed to record?

The World Cup final and the unforgettable celebration after the Spanish victory in July.

Inés--enjoying a popsicle while waiting for the champion soccer players to pass by our post at Atocha.

A handful of trips, al norte (to Fuenterrabía), and al sur  (to Costa Ballena and to Nerja).

The view of the sea from the Parador of Fuenterrabía.

A calm, white Christmas at home in Minneapolis.

Lake Nokomis, after a serious snowfall this winter.

And flight back to Madrid in February.

The colorful message on my door that welcomed me back to Spain nearly 5 months ago.

And I captured small, everyday things.

A sleepy kitten, sweet desserts, and the toy cars, baby dolls, and color crayons that fill my days with the three beans.

A sleepy kitten.

Pretzels dipped in almond bark.

A toy car with smaller toy cars positioned on top (Santi felt it was very important that I took this picture).

A baby doll and her "dinner."

And Inés, examining a color crayon.


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