Day in Review

29 Jun

Yesterday I spent the morning with Inés and Santi (Almu had a sleepover at her cousin Fatima’s house on Monday night and did not come home until later in the afternoon).

Inés and Santi, getting organized for a quick photo shoot on Tuesday morning.

And the two little beans, smiling for me.

In the afternoon I braved the suffocating heat and walked to the library to return the best book I have read in a long, long time, A Thousand Splendid Suns.  The novel was just too good although I cried my way through the last few chapters.

The novel, sitting on my shelf.

Then I stopped at our supermarket for bread, cheese, ham, and pears to make a simple dinner at Santi’s house (the designer grilled cheese sandwiches are actually an idea of Martha’s).  They were so tasty I couldn’t wait for mine to cool before beginning to devour it (and I burned the roof of my mouth)!

My fancy grilled cheese.

Today we spent the morning in the pool and now the three beans are napping (and I am considering following suit and closing my eyes for a short siesta).

Update: while perusing iTunes earlier tonight I stumbled across a rash of singles from The Voice.  And while I still am not completely sure what exactly The Voice is (possibly the new American Idol) I am completly sure that the few covers I listened to were pretty, pretty, and pretty!

I especially like the “Dog Days Are Over” and “Heartless.”  And Javier Colon’s version of “Fix You”  is almost as lovely as the original (and the Coldplay classic is one of my favorite songs ever).


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