A Day in the Life: Thursday

30 Jun

This post is a shameless imitation of what Kelly has done this week but I do love the idea of carefully chronicling how I fill the hours in one day.

The three beans woke up later than usual today (since they were up past eleven last night).

Santi wandered into the kitchen at 10:30 and dug into a breakfast of warm milk and cereal.

Santi, smiling at the breakfast table.

After he had finished his breakfast I allowed Santi a few minutes of television since his sisters were still asleep.

And curling up to watch cartoons.

The little girls woke up shortly after Santi and ate quietly together while I helped Santi dress himself.

Inés, modeling her adorable pajamas.

And showing off her impressive milk mustache (and milk beard).

At noon, after wrestling the three children into matching swim suits, herding them into the bathroom to brush their teeth, and finally dragging a comb through tangled hair we headed out to the swimming pool!

Almu, posing in the shade.

And helping her younger sister strap on a pair of goggles.

And Inés, sporting her water wings.

Another photo of Inés, shining (with all the sunscreen we applied) and grinning, ready for the pool!

We splashed around in the pool (our current favorite pool time activity is jumping in while holding hands) for nearly two hours and then trooped back to the house for lunch (empanadillas)!

Almu, eating her lunch (bibs are imperative when the beans are wearing white).

While Santi and Inés napped after lunch Almu and I laid low, she entertained herself with her new search-and-find activity book while I rested my eyes on the sofa.

Inés, holding her new search-and-find.

The two youngest beans woke up around five when their mother (and my boss) arrived home from work.

I took advantage of my few hours off to pick up tickets to this motocross event at the Corte Inglés at the Calle Princesa (as a surprise for Santi mayor).

Back in Pozuelo I bathed Santi and Inés (Almu left for a three-day birthday celebration in the country this afternoon) before they rushed out the door to their grandmother’s birthday party.

Before the two tripped off to the fête I managed to capture how dapper they looked in their party duds.

Santi, being so photogenic and Inés, being a little less photogenic.

Part two of that same routine.

And Inés, tending to her sick baby doll.

I just hopped in and out of the shower and am now watching reruns of Sex and the City and expecting the two beans to be dropped off here at home at any moment…

What a full, full day!


One Response to “A Day in the Life: Thursday”

  1. Ann Andre June 30, 2011 at 11:14 pm #

    A very busy day indeed! Thank you!

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