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Beach Bound

30 Jul

Tomorrow we are heading to Costa Ballena for three weeks (and then I will be traveling to Málaga and Nerja), I am very ready to swim in the ocean.  Have a fabulous month of August!


Welcome to the Doll House

29 Jul

The girls are in the midst of a serious baby doll kind of phase–we take the babies for walks, swim with the babies, feed the babies lunch, and of course dress and undress the babies over and over again throughout the day.

Yesterday we brought two babies out to the pool with us in their small baby strollers.

Looking at these photos I am a so tickled by the sheer quantity of stuff we drag out to the swimming pool–we simply relocate the children’s rooms to the grassy garden outside the house.

Well, I am counting down the days until our vacations in Costa Ballena begin (and there is only one little day left)!

Update: spent a lovely afternoon with Maggie noshing on chips and guacamole (followed by a walnut brownie) and then browsing through H&M (and Le Creuset where I purchased a pie plate, and bunt pan, and a tea pot that was just too sweet not to bring home with me).

Tonight the three beans and I are at home laying low, enjoying one of our last nights in Pozuelo for a few weeks…

Sugary Sweet Summer Days

27 Jul

Yesterday was Spanish class and then perfectly minty but still sweet mojitos with Maggie.

And today was the Big Park (instead of the pool–it was just a little too brisk for swimming this morning).

Quiet City

25 Jul

Today I ate a long lunch (salad with olives and goose) with Pitu and Carmen in the city.  Instead of taking the extra train to the 10 I make the walk to Alonso Martínez in the watery afternoon sunshine.

It was so strange to amble down empty streets (except for the sweet newspaper reading grandpa), past vacant sidewalk cafes in Chamberí that are normally bustling with people eating, drinking (and often smoking as well).

Well–I have not been bothered too much by the quiet city, reminding myself that in just a few days we will be vacationing in Costa Ballena…

Ghost Town

24 Jul

The last few days have been so strange–both the city and our urba have felt abandoned, and it is not just my imagination I can tell from all the parking spots that have recently appeared.

Since the family, Santiago (mayor), and Maggie have all left the capital for the beach during the long weekend I kept myself busy babysitting the three cousins last night.

I am so, so smitten with Pablo–I very nearly brought him home in my purse.  Is he not the most adorable little person you have ever seen?  (And Carlota is also pretty cute herself in the Real Madrid uniform).

Well, the three beans and their parents will be home from Jávea tomorrow night and I am secretly looking forward to having the company–time alone has been lovely but four days in enough for me!

A Hard Day’s Night

21 Jul

Last night was a tough one–my bosses threw a fête in the house that kept me up well past my bedtime and I, awake in the wee hours of the morning made myself oh-so homesick scrolling through this sweet site that features post about all things Minneapolis.

But this morning was not all that bad, Inés and I played at the park and then swam in the pool.  She and her parents (finally) left for a long weekend in Jávea leaving me as free as a bird for the next few days.  Now all I am wondering is what am I going to get up to here on my own?

Middle of the Week

20 Jul

This morning I was roused up and out of bed by a loud rapping on our door and the angry buzzing of my phone–the refrigerator repairman arrived bright and early (a few moments before my boss thought to advise me of the house call).*

Inés woke up soon after (and much earlier than she usually wakes up), still exhausted (which makes for a very crabby 3-year-old)…

We utilized the extra hour or so that we normally spend sleeping to make gazpacho (the fruit and vegetable store where I buy produce was selling 2 kilos of tomatoes for less than 1 little euro on Monday so I obviously walked home with 2 kilos and have been making gazpacho, gazpacho, and more gazpacho).

After we made the cold soup we walked to the library.

After reading (and rereading) a few stories we checked out  ¿Dónde vive Maisy? and a DVD of Caillou episodes and then headed back to the house.  Inés  absolutely loves, loves, loves to push her stroller around with a baby doll or stuffed animal buckled safely into her usual seat.

Well, I am sitting here–wondering what to do this afternoon to rouse me out of my own bad mood–I think either a trip to the gym or an hour spent reading poolside would do just the trick!

Some quiet time spent reading in a beach chair near the pool (and an very exciting piece of news) helped me beat my ho-hum blues.

And before dinner tonight the little bean and I went for a walk around the neighborhood–carefully avoiding large dogs and mercilessly tearing leaves off bushes as we always do…

*The refrigerator could not be repaired and a brand new fridge is being delivered today.