Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

4 Jul

Happy 4th of July!  Today is one of my favorite holidays back at home (it features two of my favorite activities, eating hamburgers and watching fireworks).

I painted an American flag yesterday afternoon!

I looked after Inés and Santi (niño) on Saturday morning.  Inés absolutely refused to smile for photos…

Inés, opening a puzzle.

...still trying to open the box.

And assembling the colorful puzzle.

In the afternoon Santi (mayor) and I escaped the city and spent a few lazy hours poolside at his family’s house in the Sierra.

Sunday morning we walked through Chueca (to observe the outpouring of gay pride) and then along Gran Vía (to investigate the rebajas that have already started).  We obviously made a stop for frozen yogurt at llaollao!

Frozen yogurt, fruit, and granola (and chocolate).

Gay pride on display in Sephora.

In other news, this morning Santi (niño) woke up missing a tooth!  We discovered the missing tooth in his room (it must have fallen out while he slept) and we are now awaiting a visit from the Tooth Fairy (Ratoncito Pérez).

Santi, minus one of his front teeth.

And his new smile!

Update: On Monday, a bit later in the afternoon Almu was inspired by my patriotic painting and crafted her own American flag.

Almu and her hand-painted flag.

And Ratoncito Pérez did visit Santi’s pillow on Monday night, delivering a pack of pencils and a coloring book.

Santi and his new pencils.


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