Getting Girlie

12 Jul

Oh, hey there!

Inés, inflating her water wing this morning...

And smiling with her baby doll.

For some reason I have taken almost no pictures of Santiago (niño)–I have certainly not excluded him intentionally but he has made few appearances in my photos recently.

A group photo this morning at the pool.

And another attempt!

Inés and Almu.

And after a dip in the cool water, Almu read her baby doll a story (The Pirate Pepe).

Almu, caring for her baby doll.

Our sweet neighbor Maria tried on a pair of Almu’s goggles!  I am a serious fan of the tummy and water diaper she is rocking–just look at her!

Maria, getting ready for a swim.

And holding Inés' baby doll.

I managed to snap a couple shots of Almu at the end of the week and this weekend…here they are!

Almu, on Sunday morning.

And on Friday.

And finally, speaking of girlie things, I love the advertisement that has been running for Miss Dior Cherie perfume featuring the lovely Natalie Portman.  So feminine, so romantic, so pretty!  It makes me want to slip on a pair of oversized sunglasses and slide into a bubble bath.


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