Middle of the Week

20 Jul

This morning I was roused up and out of bed by a loud rapping on our door and the angry buzzing of my phone–the refrigerator repairman arrived bright and early (a few moments before my boss thought to advise me of the house call).*

Inés woke up soon after (and much earlier than she usually wakes up), still exhausted (which makes for a very crabby 3-year-old)…

We utilized the extra hour or so that we normally spend sleeping to make gazpacho (the fruit and vegetable store where I buy produce was selling 2 kilos of tomatoes for less than 1 little euro on Monday so I obviously walked home with 2 kilos and have been making gazpacho, gazpacho, and more gazpacho).

After we made the cold soup we walked to the library.

After reading (and rereading) a few stories we checked out  ¿Dónde vive Maisy? and a DVD of Caillou episodes and then headed back to the house.  Inés  absolutely loves, loves, loves to push her stroller around with a baby doll or stuffed animal buckled safely into her usual seat.

Well, I am sitting here–wondering what to do this afternoon to rouse me out of my own bad mood–I think either a trip to the gym or an hour spent reading poolside would do just the trick!

Some quiet time spent reading in a beach chair near the pool (and an very exciting piece of news) helped me beat my ho-hum blues.

And before dinner tonight the little bean and I went for a walk around the neighborhood–carefully avoiding large dogs and mercilessly tearing leaves off bushes as we always do…

*The refrigerator could not be repaired and a brand new fridge is being delivered today.


One Response to “Middle of the Week”

  1. Ann Andre July 20, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Yeah for a new frig – Loved the pictures!

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