Welcome to the Doll House

29 Jul

The girls are in the midst of a serious baby doll kind of phase–we take the babies for walks, swim with the babies, feed the babies lunch, and of course dress and undress the babies over and over again throughout the day.

Yesterday we brought two babies out to the pool with us in their small baby strollers.

Looking at these photos I am a so tickled by the sheer quantity of stuff we drag out to the swimming pool–we simply relocate the children’s rooms to the grassy garden outside the house.

Well, I am counting down the days until our vacations in Costa Ballena begin (and there is only one little day left)!

Update: spent a lovely afternoon with Maggie noshing on chips and guacamole (followed by a walnut brownie) and then browsing through H&M (and Le Creuset where I purchased a pie plate, and bunt pan, and a tea pot that was just too sweet not to bring home with me).

Tonight the three beans and I are at home laying low, enjoying one of our last nights in Pozuelo for a few weeks…


One Response to “Welcome to the Doll House”

  1. Ann Andre July 29, 2011 at 3:51 pm #

    Oh, the dollies – they stay in the strollers so much better than say. . . . a live kitten!!

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