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Andalusian Summer

30 Aug

I spent the first three weeks of August in Costa Ballena with the children and my bosses.  We filled the mornings feeding the ducks (while avoiding the mean geese) and biking to the playground.  In the afternoons we headed to the beach and then afterwards ambled back home to the swimming pool!


Day Trip to Rota

25 Aug

Feeling restless the Friday before last in Costa Ballena I picked up and biked to the nearby port town of Rota (of impenetrable American naval base fame).  I ultimately only spent about 15 minutes in Rota (most of which were passed on a park bench where I gathered  my fuerzas for the trip back home) but I did enjoy the long bike ride itself!

Later that same night the three beans, their parents, Cousin Javier, and I packed ourselves into the car and went to a late night dinner in Rota.  I bravely ate bígaros for the first time (from what I have gathered bígaros are like snails that live in the sea) and then proceeded to peel approximately 50 shrimp for Almudenita.

Looking at these photos of our meal makes my mouth just water–thank goodness I have a few more days left at the beach here in Nerja, I am hoping for another dinner like this one!

Sunsets in Costa Ballena

17 Aug

On Sunday night after Mass Lily and I raced down to the beach planning to take photos of the sunset.  We arrived only few minutes too late to capture the sun slipping below the horizon but still opted to take a few pictures.

On Monday, with the three beans occupied with pádel class, I retraced our steps to the same beach with my novel and a towel and set up my sunset stakeout.

And it was worth the wait.  Sitting alone on the cold white sand the sunset took my breath away.

Snapshots from Paradise

15 Aug

We have spent the past two weeks near Cádiz, in Costa Ballena.

The small resort consists of little more than a rather unimpressive golf course, a very impressive beach and a handful of hotels, urbanizaciones, and overpriced restaurants.

The long, lazy days (whiled away almost entirely at the beach or the swimming pool) are a real contrast to my routine in the city.  But it does feel so refreshing to trade the metro for a bicycle and late night television for a library book!