Day Trip to Rota

25 Aug

Feeling restless the Friday before last in Costa Ballena I picked up and biked to the nearby port town of Rota (of impenetrable American naval base fame).  I ultimately only spent about 15 minutes in Rota (most of which were passed on a park bench where I gathered  my fuerzas for the trip back home) but I did enjoy the long bike ride itself!

Later that same night the three beans, their parents, Cousin Javier, and I packed ourselves into the car and went to a late night dinner in Rota.  I bravely ate bígaros for the first time (from what I have gathered bígaros are like snails that live in the sea) and then proceeded to peel approximately 50 shrimp for Almudenita.

Looking at these photos of our meal makes my mouth just water–thank goodness I have a few more days left at the beach here in Nerja, I am hoping for another dinner like this one!


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