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Bike My Way Through September

30 Sep

Lately I have been loving, and I mean loving, loving, loving my bike!  I have started to bike everywhere: to the gym, to Kids and Us, and, best of all, this week I discovered a route to arrive at Casa de Campo from the house.  I was stunned by the panoramic views of the city and also charmed by the winding dirt paths and the crunchy, fallen leaves…


1 Day, 2 Day

29 Sep

This week has been dominated by a routine: a quick trip to the gym in the morning, time spent preparing lessons at Kids and Us, and then an afternoon with the three beans.

Yesterday afternoon while Almu and Santi finished their homework Inés and I did a little bit of coloring!

This morning Santi decided to bring his new toy truck to school.

And Inés (although she was pouting over something) looked adorable in two pigtails.

I am thinking about the weekend–tomorrow is Friday!

Just a Few Things

26 Sep

My weekend went by so quickly, I swear it was only just 5 o’clock on Friday afternoon a moment ago…

Friday was Nete’s birthday and we celebrated with a birthday snack outside in the urba–I brought the cake, of course!

On Saturday Kelsey and I walked through the city and eventually stumbled across my most favorite little mojito spot–we had to make a stop!  Later our afternoon in the park was cut short by a mean, mean hornet (those stings really hurt) but I recovered and we went out dancing near Nuevos Ministerios that night.

I spent Sunday watching Modern Family (my choice) and an oddly fascinating special about Christiano Ronaldo (Santi’s choice).

What did you get up to this weekend?

Routine Number

22 Sep

I spent yesterday morning looking after little Nicolás before taking the metro across the city to eat a lovely lunch with Kelsey.

In the afternoon Almu, Santi, and I spent a bit of time outside in the urbanización–Almu reading and Santi riding his new bicycle.

After a quick stop at the gym this morning I spent a few hours with little Nicolás.

He made a friend in our urba, little Lucia!  She is adorable and very tiny!

Well, I think it will be a normal kind of night with the three usual little suspects…

Lunch Date

21 Sep

Santiago’s birthday party was a success filled with lots of sweet treats and playing, playing, playing of course.  Inés and little Nicolás played with toy cars together in the grandparents’ garden.

On a different note, I am very, very excited to have lunch this afternoon with Kelsey!  This week I have reminiscing more than usual about our adventures at Carleton: sharing a seat and an i-pod on bus rides home from Friday night meets and baking chocolate-chip cookies at my parents house… And I am thinking, now we will have brand new adventures here in Madrid!

Here Is My News

20 Sep

Birthdays first, today Santiago niño turns six!  We are celebrating with a party at his grandparents’ house this afternoon–a dozen little cousins and lots and lots of gummy candies and cake makes it sure to be real birthday chaos!

Last night Almu, Inés, and I baked Santi cupcakes for his big day (and then did a bit of coloring before bath time and dinner).

And my second piece of news is that one of my very best friends is moving to Madrid for a year and she arrives tomorrow morning at Barajas!  We are going to lunch in the afternoon and since I cannot think of any words to express how thrilled I am you will just have to trust that I am so, so happy!

Easy Day

19 Sep

After last week all I wanted to do this weekend was lie very still on the couch like a vegetable and eat fuet and potato chips while watching Jersey Shore.  I did have that lazy day yesterday although I mustered up enough energy to go for a walk before lunch (and then a bit later we headed to Cibeles).  Of course I had to pause mid-walk to gaze at a few favorite storefronts (Hoss and El Horno San Onofre).