Boats, Berries, and Roman Roads

12 Sep

Last Thursday night the three beans, Santi mayor, and I headed to the Casa del Campo and rented two red rowboats for a turn around the little pond.  Since the park only permits 5 people in a boat we split up forming a “boy boat” and a “girl boat.”

And on Saturday Santi mayor and I went to the Sierra to pick blackberries!

The afternoon was beautiful and so tranquil, a refreshing respite from the city only slightly blemished by the huge fall I took into a deep ditch (reaching for a branch full of plump berries).  But despite my tumble the excursion was a success–we collected lots and lots of berries and on Sunday I baked a pie (using this recipe) with the fruit!

Today was a very busy, busy day here in Pozuelo–the first day of school for the three beans and my first day at a brand new job!  I think I will be crawling into my bed at 9 o’clock tonight…


One Response to “Boats, Berries, and Roman Roads”

  1. Ann Andre September 13, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Great pictures of boats and blueberries!!! thank you 🙂

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