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Bright Lights, Big City

28 Nov

I had a busy weekend!

On Friday night we celebrated Thanksgiving with the traditional turkey dinner.  Kelsey and I made stuffing and apple pie to bring over to Kyla’s place.

On Saturday Santi surprised me with tickets to see the Lion King!  I’ve been talking about the musical since it opened here in Madrid and I was thrilled to go on Saturday.  The production lived up to our high expectations, it was just so good I didn’t want it to come to an end.

On the walk home we snapped a few photos of the Christmas lights.  I got a little bit giddy with all the holiday spirit, I love this time of year!


Oh You Turkey

24 Nov

Happy Turkey Day!

We made crafts with the first graders today (and tomorrow some American girls and I are cooking a Thanksgiving dinner)!

And this was my favorite turkey of the day–the beak…oh dear!


23 Nov

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Café Comercial with Kelsey and a former (and much loved) professor of ours.  While we were chatting over our tea and bubbly water a stranger handed us this goofy cartoon he had drawn of me!  The city is full of silly surprises, right?

Snacking and Things

20 Nov

On Friday afternoon we had tacos for lunch.  And  later that night Kelsey and I stopped in at my favorite pizza place before a night out in Sol!

Delacroix at the Caixa

14 Nov

This morning after an appointment near Atocha I stopped by the Delacroix exhibit at the Caixa Forum.  I was impressed with the exhibit (and I especially liked the large tactile computers in the very last room).

Pizza and the Roof Cat

13 Nov

This weekend was a little cleaning in the new house (with a lunch break) and a night out in the city.

I Run Around

11 Nov

I have been running, running, running all week long!

Juggling my classes at school and at Kids and Us with babysitting the three little beans has kept me more than occupied.

And of course I have found time to continue the endless process of cleaning the new apartment (I think we are nearly finished with this intense cleaning business).

Here are a few photos of the three little beans (and their cousin Fatima), the entryway of the public school where I am working as a teaching assistant, and of course the gorgeous views from the window in the new apartment…