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Trim the Tree and Wrap the Presents

20 Dec

I am flying home to Minnesota tomorrow morning!  I am happy as a clam to go home for the holidays!

This past week flew by in a flurry of Christmas parties (and one Hanukkah dinner) but I did find time for a little window shopping at Loewe.


A Little Beach Pining

14 Dec

Back in the city and back to work since Monday–but I still am reminiscing about the long weekend in Nerja (whose highlights included nighttime walks through the little town to admire the Christmas lights, a hamburger lunch, and of course waking up to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks).

But I really have nothing to whine about, as I type I am humming along with a Christmas tune and thinking about my trip back home to Minneapolis next week!

Vacation Excursions

11 Dec

Our little vacation has been relaxing and restorative–I feel like I have recharged my batteries for the busy weeks that lay ahead!

On Friday we went for a walk in the mountains just outside of Nerja.

And on Saturday we drove to Málaga (to pick up Monica) and then to Marbella.  We walked along the pier in Puerto Banús and then had lunch!

We are heading back to Madrid tomorrow–and I am trying to shake off my leaving-the-beach-blues.

Nerja in December

7 Dec

We have packed up our bags (I am hopeful and slipped a few bikinis into mine) and  we are headed to the beach for a long weekend!

Christmas in the City

6 Dec

On Sunday night we walked down to Sol and then through Ópera and back to Callao (and we made a snack stop for roasted chestnuts)!

Play Date

4 Dec

Yesterday afternoon Santi and I picked up Almu, Santi niño, and Inés and headed to the Small Park to play, play, play our hearts out.  When it got dark (and a little too cold) we headed to Vips for a pancake snack!

Time for a Visit

2 Dec

I stopped by the house in Pozuelo to see the three beans this past Wednesday.

It was so good to see all three of them (Almu was at tennis class so I only spent a few minutes with her before I had to leave).  But it was also very hard to see them!  I walked into the living room and Inés started crying and told me “[she] had wanted to go with me where ever it was I had gone.”

They are sweet, sweet, and sweet and I miss them very, very much.  I think we may just have to take the little bichos out to the movies this weekend.

And for the record I bravely ate one of the Christmas cookies Inés and Santi are holding in the photos (they offered and were so excited that I try one I could not refuse).