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Birthday Party People

28 Jan

Yesterday afternoon I made a quick visit to the house in Pozuelo and had a chance to give Inés a big hug (or a few big hugs).  The poor little girl stayed home from school sick–she comes down with bugs quite a lot!

And last night we celebrated Paige’s birthday complete with Tex-Mex, cupcakes, and a night out at La Sal!


Last Wednesday Night

25 Jan

Last Wednesday night I stopped by the house in Pozuelo to visit the three beans!

Back in the city Maggie, Kelsey, and I went to dinner–we had crepes (they were so delicious)!

It was a perfect evening (and I hope dates with Kelsey become our Wednesday night tradition)!

Roman Holiday, Part Two

22 Jan

We had the best time bopping around Rome last weekend–now I am scheming up another trip to Italy next month!

Roman Holiday

18 Jan

We visited Roma over the weekend!

We spent our time walking (we walked and walked and walked all over), speaking Italian with the locals (although my Italian was not always fully appreciated), translating Latin inscriptions (or trying to), hearing Mass at St. Peter’s, and window shopping at Tod’s.

One of our first stops on Saturday morning was the Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Square)–afterwards we tossed coins into the Trevi fountain.


And we enjoyed lots of Italian meals and snacks–antipasti, pasta, pizza, gnocchi, and buffalo mozzarella (my favorite)!

Ciao, Ciao

13 Jan

We are off to Rome for the weekend, I can hardly believe but we are, we are!