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A Little More of Cáceres

29 Feb

After visiting the Concatedral we stumbled on the Casa Museo Árabe and took a walk through its rooms, gardens, and sauna (this is the point at which a little bit of goofing off began).

Next on our docket was a hunt for a bathroom–during which we stumbled across a pretty garden!  It turns out my overzealous water drinking can facilitate surprising discoveries…

Finally we stopped by La Iglesia de San Francisco Javier and then had a little snack (hot chocolate and pancakes)!


Weekend in Cáceres

27 Feb

We spent a perfect, sunny weekend in Cáceres!  We left Madrid on Saturday morning and ate a late lunch on the Playa Mayor en Cáceres.

After lunch we toured the Concatedral de Santa María and climbed up its winding staircase to admire a panoramic view of the city.

Couscous and Cáceres

26 Feb

I discovered couscous a few weeks ago (I have used an easy recipe of Martha Stewart’s) and I am so sold–I love couscous!  When I come across a food I love I eat it and eat it and eat it until I am a little sick of it (last week I had couscous twice in one day, once out at Buenas y Santas and then at home for dinner).  But I am not sick of couscous yet!

On another note, this weekend we visited Cáceres–with a little stop for lunch in Trujillo on the way home.  I loved Cáceres as much as I love couscous!

Hello, Good Morning!

20 Feb

I had a productive little weekend getting things organized in my apartment (but I still found time for a few episodes of Callejeros Viajeros)!


18 Feb

Last weekend we ate chicken with curry twice in two days and toured the Museo Cerralbo with Kelsey (yes, there was a stuffed pug on a chair in one of the bathrooms–I was thrilled)!

And Carnaval began this week in Spain!  How cute are the little beans at Kids and Us, all dressed up for the festivities?  Pretty darn cute, I think.

Going on a Picnic

8 Feb

Today I sang “Going on a Picnic” with my first graders.   The little beans loved the Raffi song (and I kind of loved it too)!

Spotted in Chamberí

5 Feb

Last Wednesday I spotted two adorable (and unattended) pugs outside a bar on my walk home!  I was thisclose to tucking one under each arm and sprinting back to my apartment but of course I had to leave the sweet little dogs waiting patiently on the sidewalk.

It has been cold, cold, cold in Madrid lately and this weekend I am hunkering down inside with a blanket and Uggs.