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Recovery Time

26 Mar

I was feeling so sick at the end of last week but have started to feel better over the past few days.  This weekend was a perfect mix of laying low while having a few plans sprinkled in here and there.

On Saturday we had lunch at La Giralda (one of my favorite spots for traditional Spanish food in Madrid)–I had flamenquines.

On Sunday after a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and a trip to the gym we headed to Pozuelo to pick up the three beans, Almu, Santi, and Inés!

We took the teleférico from Paseo del Pintor Rosales to Casa de Campo, played at the park, and then took the teleférico back again.  We had the best time–taking the teleférico is something that I have been scheming of for quite a while now and it lived up to my expectations!

And before dropping the three back at home we stopped at Vips for tortitas!

And at the end of this week I am going home to Minneapolis–I have about one million things to do before my flight leaves early on Friday morning but I am too happy about the trip to feel stressed and frazzled.


Miss the Sun

20 Mar

Driving back into the Madrid yesterday afternoon we drove right into a big gray rain cloud–we did not bring any of the warm sunshine back from the beach with us!  Today it was cold and windy and I was running around the city in a little dress and moccasins (unfortunately).  But I have my Uggs out for tomorrow–I heard a rumor that it might snow.

I barely believe I was sipping Sangria by the beach a few days ago (I have my Smart Wool socks pulled up over my warmest sweatpants right now)!

Let’s Go to the Beach, Beach

19 Mar

Let’s go get away…

This weekend we escaped to Nerja!  We spent time laying on the beach, eating squid, drinking sangria, and sleeping in late (and sleeping one siesta too).

And we made a trip to the caves in Nerja–they were so incredible!  They gave me goosebumps!

And my face is, “but we can’t take photos with flash!”

Spring Scarf

14 Mar

The weather in the capital has been gorgeous lately.  And I picked up a scarf at the Rastro this weekend that goes perfectly with all the sunny, warm weather!

City Tour

12 Mar

Yesterday we acted like tourists.

First headed to La Latina and walked through the Rastro–snacking on tostas with ham and octopus.

Then we walked to Plaza Mayor (and stopped in at a candy shop).

We wandered through Mercado San Miguel and then ambled down to the Almudena.

In the afternoon we took a lazy walk around the Tempe of Debod (and admired another view of the Almudena).

And finally we sat down for mojitos at a sidewalk cafe!

Black and Blue

11 Mar

Last week was a bumpy kind of week, this weekend was a little less bumpy.

Friday night I had a drink (and a cheese plate) with Paige at La Tita  Rivera.  I banged my knee walking home and nearly burst into tears on Fuencarral–I managed to walk off the injury but have an enormous swollen bruise on my right leg.

Yesterday we went shopping at Las Rozas Village (and included a stop at llaollao).  And today we were tour guides visiting the Rastro, walking through La Latina, and admiring the views from the Temple of Debod.

The Very Hungry Catipillar

6 Mar

The first graders are reading The Very Hungry Catipilar

And I have been eating my way through this week (and last week as well): two spinach quiches, a vegetable tower (at Buenas y Santas), chicken curry with couscous, and a grilled cheese with avocado…