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Spain Beats Portugal!

28 Jun

Last night we watched the partido at El Barrio in Alonso Martínez.  I gnawed my nails off during the final penalty kicks that ended the game but Spain won, Spain won!


Magnolia Cupcakes

27 Jun

Overwhelmed by the last-day-of-school hubbub I forgot to share a very important piece of news.

Santi brought back Magnolia cupcakes from New York!  They were so pretty and so yummy with cold milk.

School Is Out!

26 Jun

Today was our last day of school!

We walked to a nearby park and tried our best to stay cool in the shade.  Before we left school this morning I managed to get a photo with the little beans from Primero D.

And three of my favorites in the shade at the park!

I am so looking forward to these vacations!

And a little confession: I feel like my soon-to-be-second-graders, all giddy with excitement on the last day of school!

Tapas Plan

25 Jun

Sunday night we walked to La Latina for tapas!  I had one with a little san jacobo.  Yum, yum!


24 Jun

I met Paige and Keara to watch Spain play France in the quarter-finals of the Euro Cup last night.  We drank claras con limón, ate spicy patatas bravas, and cheered for the Spanish team.

And Spain won!  Que viva España!

The Satorialist and a Salad

22 Jun

I’ve followed the Satorialist for a long time so I had to stop by its exhibit at Loewe on Gran Vía today.  This little video had me intrigued and the bit of footage on the Paseo del Prado and on Fuencarral somehow made me nostalgic for Madrid even though I am here right now.  It’s such an odd feeling!

It was neat to see the collection of photos (and honestly it was neat just to look around in Loewe).  All those mirrors made me feel like a princess!

And wanted to show off the Cesar salad I made for myself today…  It feels like a triumph when I make a decent meal for just me!

C’mon Summer

21 Jun

C’mon summer vacations that is!  Summer is so close and I’ve been antsy all week long at work.  But the school year is winding down and today I taught my last class at Kids and Us.

I took some photos this Tuesday of the little beans at Kids and Us.

And I took a few more today, they are all so sweet!

And on a completely different note, I’ve been on my own for dinners this week and I expected to be noshing on cereal every night but I’ve surprised myself and actually have put in some effort into my meals!  On Tuesday I had gazpacho and a grilled cheese, the sandwich was really, really good (although I admit I just ate a bowl of cereal for dinner).