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Opening Ceremonies

27 Jul

The Summer Games begin this afternoon–oh my gosh!  I am so darn excited to watch the Opening Ceremonies this afternoon with some girlfriends!


Back Home

25 Jul

I had a last minute change of plans late last week and early yesterday morning I flew home to the great state of Minnesota!  I am thrilled to be back home in Minneapolis a little earlier than I had expected!

And tonight we had the best all-American dinner–hamburgers with sweet corn and key lime pie.

Virgen del Carmen

17 Jul

Last night at nearly 10 o’clock we heard a hubbub in the street and impulsively decided to rush out of the house to see the parade in honor on the Virgen del Carmen.  The statue of the virgin is taken out once a year and marched through the streets, her procession complete with music, church bells, and dancing.

We recorded a few little videos–one, two, and three.

I am so glad I had the chance to witness the traditional festivities.

Best Lunch

14 Jul

We went to La Musa this afternoon for lunch, it was the best, of course!

A Week Like This

13 Jul

I had a busy week working at Kids and Us in the morning and teaching private lessons in the afternoon.

Yesterday I made this summer salad (sans basil–I ran all over the city and couldn’t track any down).  I still liked how it turned out though!

Today we snapped a few photos at Kids and Us.

And the littlest ones performed an adorable “Chocolate Bean” dance (and Chema just plopped down on the floor).

And speaking of adorable things, my class made this paper chain of sweet factory elves and I think it is pretty darn cute.

This afternoon after lunch I treated myself to frozen yogurt with sprinkles!

And finally, we watched the encierros in Paplona every morning at 8 o’clock on the dot this week.  Our San Fermín tradition really grew on me!  The Atlantic has a whole crop of photos from the fiestas last week.

Spanish Dinner

12 Jul

This week Santi made the best dinner at home, pimientos de padrón and croquetas.  They are two of my most favorite Spanish staples!

Little Red Dress

8 Jul

I went on an impromptu shopping trip with Keara this afternoon and I picked up a new outfit!  I love the red dress and the wedges, the perfect ensemble to throw on for afternoon drinks on a terraza in Madrid.