Full Plate

4 Jul

The past few days have been big ones around here!

On Thursday night I met the girls at La Musa to say good-bye to Kyla before she left Madrid.  It was the first of too many good-byes that I said this weekend, I am going to miss my sweet friends so much!

But a friend from back home was in town this weekend and her visit took my mind off all the sad good-byes!

We did lots and lots of things with Joy like take photos in Plaza Mayor, walk through the fiestas in Chueca, eat tostas at the Rastro, stop in tourist spots like Sol, and visit the metro museum!

And our weekend ended on a very high note.  Spain dominated Italy in the final of the Eurocopa.  I had the best time watching the game and celebrating the win–I especially loved watching the fireworks!

Monday was absolutely unreal in Madrid, there was so much energy–we were all so excited about the Eurocopa win!

And a happy 4th of July!  I am planning on eating a hot dog and lighting a sparkler!


One Response to “Full Plate”

  1. ann andre July 5, 2012 at 3:12 am #

    Thanks for all the wonderful pictures!

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