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Happy Friday!

28 Sep

It’s been a gray, rainy week in Madrid, it feels like winter already.  So of course I’ve been daydreaming about last weekend at the beach!

I hope you have a warm, cozy Friday!  I think my afternoon plans involve a big blanket and a bowl of gnocchi.


Beach Notes

25 Sep

On Friday afternoon We drove to Nerja for a long weekend at the beach!

Growing up in Minnesota the ocean always feels like a novelty, so exotic and luxurious.  And I absolutely love it, the last few days were such a treat!

Time for a Visit

19 Sep

I stopped by the house in Pozuelo last Thursday for a visit.

It was so good to see the three little beans, they had lots of stories from their summer vacation and their first few days of school.  And Inés had to show me that she can now ride a bike without training wheels!

They are just the sweetest!

Afternoon Walk

16 Sep

This afternoon we went on a walk through Sol and all the way to the Palacio Real and then back up Fuencarral.

It was a nice tourist-inspired jaunt, perfect for my first weekend back in Madrid after summer vacation!      

Back in Madrid!

15 Sep

I am back in Madrid after a long visit in Minnesota this summer!

I am missing home these days but this view always cheers me right up.