October Weekend

8 Oct

This past weekend turned out to be surprisingly busy, but in the best kind of way!  We spent a lot of our time noshing on really, really good food.  We started on Saturday afternoon at an Oktoberfest festival at a German church in the city.  I loved my grilled bratwurst and potato salad.  And the homemade cakes were not bad either!

In the afternoon we stopped by the fiestas in Barrio del Pilar.  I had high hopes of taking a ride on the ferris wheel but on closer examination the ride’s little cages moved a bit too much for me and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy myself.

After our walk through the fair we went back to Robert’s house for pizza and pasta.

And on Sunday, after sleeping until 12:30 in the afternoon, we went on a bike ride through the Casa del Campo.

It was the perfect, sunny day for an outdoor excursion!  And after our bike ride we had an impromptu feast at home.  The toasts with guacamole were delicious, I know they are going to become a staple in the weekly menu.

And we ended the weekend watching Real Madrid tie Barcelona 2-2!


One Response to “October Weekend”

  1. Paige October 10, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    You’re such a cutie! And look at all that food!

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