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Chocolate Chip Cookies

28 Nov

One treat that instantly transports me back home to Minnesota is a warm chocolate chip cookie.  My mom’s cookies are my favorites but this Sunday I opted for a simpler recipe.  I just used the one on the package of Nestlé Toll House chocolate chips (which of course reminded me of this episode of Friends)!

And the cookies turned out really well!  Crispy and chewy and perfect with a glass of cold milk…


Black Friday Thanksgiving

25 Nov

While Americans lined up outside storefronts for doorbuster deals we celebrated our Thanksgiving in Madird!

I baked the desserts for our dinner, two of my favorites: an apple pie and spicy pumpkin muffins.

And Lily cooked nearly everything else: Brussels sprouts with roasted chestnuts, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and of course, a delicious turkey.

All the food was so good and in keeping with Thanksgiving tradition I ate until I felt a little too full…

I am just so thankful to have had a homemade Thanksgiving meal with sweet girls.  Laughing in the kitchen as we prepared the food–with a Mahou in hand–was the best time.

Turkey Day

22 Nov

I woke up this morning a little homesick.  On Thanksgiving I want to be in Minnesota with my family, eating stuffing and pies and assembling giant puzzles.

But my Thanksgiving lessons this morning at school cheered me up a bit.  First the class created a list of of all the things we are thankful for (my favorite contributions were “vacation” and “soccer”).  Then each student printed out what he felt thankful for on a Turkey feather that we glued on our colorful bird.

The second-graders really seemed to understand the concept of thankfulness and I love the universality of our thankful list–it turns out children everywhere are thankful for sweets!

Happy Turkey Day to you!

I am so thankful for my family and friends back home and for the chance to have this adventure that is my life here in Madrid.

A Late Halloween

18 Nov

Halloween was over two weeks ago and I have just gotten around to looking through the photos from the day at school and the afternoon at Kids and Us.  I know I’m a little behind!

In the morning we practiced our songs for the Halloween pageant and then trooped down to the auditorium to sing for the other first and second-grade classes.  The little witches and zombies gave an adorable performance!

And in the afternoon the teachers at Kids and Us and I snapped a quick photo before our classes!

House Warming

17 Nov

I moved into my apartment over a year ago and for months I meant for the family I worked for to come visit the house.  And yesterday afternoon we finally found a time to have a merienda at my house.

I settled on making these chocolate chip cookie bars for our snack, they turned out really well, just perfect with a glass of milk.

The three beans were excited to see my apartment although there was quite a bit of surprise expressed about how small the place is.  But I had the best time catching up with the family!

Cheese Please

15 Nov

This week at school the 2nd-graders are learning all about nutrition and foods.  And when little beans ask me about my favorite food I’m always excited to tell them, “cheese!”

And lately toasts with cheese and honey has been my dinner of choice!

So happy to have the weekend in sight, I have plans with the family I nannied for and I can’t wait to see all of them.

Sweet Weekend

11 Nov

I had the best dessert at lunch on Friday at Buenas y santas.  The cheesecake with berries was so good I nearly ordered another piece.  It was the perfect start to a very nice weekend in the city!