In Bilbao

6 Nov

We spent a full day exploring Bilbao this past weekend!  On Friday morning we set off for the Guggenheim Museum and on our way took an unplanned detour that lead us past the soccer stadium and through a charming little park.

We found our way to the museum and spent time admiring the building itself and the sculptures that surround it.  I was especially impressed by Louise Bourgeois’ giant spider.  I studied her work during the semester I spent abroad in Paris my sophomore year of college and once even spotted Bourgeois herself in one of her expositions.  So “Mamán” was especially interesting to see in person!

After our stop at the museum we had some lunch–rice with duck and a pintxo of hamburger–and then explored the historic city center of Bilbao.

In our walk through the old town we noticed markers for the Camino de Santiago and the house where Miguel de Unamuno was born!

In our afternoon of sightseeing we took a break for tea and coffee to rest our feet and study our guidebook!  We capped off our day of tourism in the Basque city with pintxos a glass of txakoli, truly perfect!


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