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15 Feb

Yesterday Santi and I exchanged Valentine’s Day presents, we each got each other cookies!  We both have a little bit of a sweet tooth…

And this morning I made these cupcakes and they are so good, I’ll definitely be making them again and again!

PackageMacaronsCookie and cardCupcakes


Beach Weekend

12 Feb

I spent last weekend in Nerja with Santi and a few friends.  We kept up with all our traditions in Nerja: dinner at the best Indian restaurant and a morning at our favorite little beach.  We also tried a paella spot on Nerja’s busiest beach I had never been and I loved our lunch–I couldn’t believe I had never eaten there before now.

After lunch we ran into a family of storks on our walk home and they pointed us towards the Carnival parade in the town center.  The parade was definitely worth seeing, some of the costumes were so elaborate and pretty and the little ones were adorable.

PosingBoatsOrange flowersBeach from abovePaella seafoodsStorksEggsBalloon costumesLas Vegas

Work Week

7 Feb

It’s been a good week at work, my classes have been productive and the little beans have been attentive and well-behaved!  And of course, as always, they are all way too cute!

Beans (1)*We had an activity in the lesson plan that involved putting sunglasses on and then taking them off–they loved it.


5 Feb

Santi had a birthday on Saturday and we started our celebration with carrot cake for breakfast–we could have sweets for breakfast since it was his birthday!  Afterwards we drove to Segovia for a weekend away, the trip was my birthday gift to Santi.  Our weekend was perfect, we saw the emblematic aqueduct, then visited the Cathedral and Alcázar!  And on Sunday we took a private tour of the beautiful 16th-century monastery, San Antonio el Real.

The only tiny flaw in my planning was my wardrobe, it was so much colder in Segovia than the city and I didn’t packed for the chilly temperatures and snow.  I ended up buying a fuzzy wool hat and layering all the socks I had packed.


Carrot cake


Plaza MayorCathedralAlcázarArmourStained glassWindowsCity and skyCathedral from AlcázarCathedral and branchesMonasterio de San Antonio el RealHall, monasteryInterior patio, monasteryTrees