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12 Jun

My flight this morning out of Barajas was delayed and the airlines ended up putting me on a flight early tomorrow morning.*  It was such a frustrating experience–I had to take an angry nap after the ordeal.

On a much better note I’ve spent the last few days eating my favorite foods in the city, on Monday we spent the afternoon on a terraza in Plaza de Olavide and last night, after miraculously securing a reservation, we went to dinner at Punto MX.  It was the best food, we loved, loved, loved everything.

*Thank you to striking air traffic controllers in France!

TerrazaGuacamole (1)Tacos (2)Buey (3)Tacos (4)


Soccer Match

9 Jun

Santi invited me to a soccer game this afternoon at Real Madrid’s stadium, the Santiago Bernabéu.  We watched retired players from Real Madrid play a friendly match against Juventus; I’m so glad I had the chance to have the soccer game experience before the move home!

StadiumPlayers (1)Players (2)Players (3)And I have to mention–before the game we cheered on another Spanish athlete to victory in the Roland Garros final.  I love Nadal so much.

Sweet Family

6 Jun

I spent my first months in Spain living with a family and working as a nanny for their three children.  It’s hard for me to believe but the first summer I spent in Pozuelo the youngest, Inés, was a baby and Almu, the oldest, was only 4!

I met the three beans and their mother on Tuesday afternoon for a snack to say bye before my flight home next week, I wish I could take one of them back home to Minnesota with me.

Beans (1)Beans (2)

Sunday Morning

2 Jun

This  morning Santi and I braved the Rastro, the streets were absolutely packed.  On our walk home through Sol we stopped to pick up some chocolate croissants a a few other sweet goodies for a little snack.

La Gran Vía RastroBollos

Market Day

1 Jun

This morning I had a little meltdown, the sight of all my things strew everywhere in Santi’s house put me in a panic.

I wanted to sit at home and stew but Santi talked me into a trip to the mercado de motores  and  it was the perfect remedy for my sour mood!  We browsed handmade bracelets and bags in the  and ate the best hamburgers–they were so, so good.  The sun and food, and of course Santi, really cheered me up.

Metro (1)Metro (2)Metro (3)Mercadillo (1)Mercadillo (2)BurgersHappy for burgersEatingSanti