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12 Jun

My flight this morning out of Barajas was delayed and the airlines ended up putting me on a flight early tomorrow morning.*  It was such a frustrating experience–I had to take an angry nap after the ordeal.

On a much better note I’ve spent the last few days eating my favorite foods in the city, on Monday we spent the afternoon on a terraza in Plaza de Olavide and last night, after miraculously securing a reservation, we went to dinner at Punto MX.  It was the best food, we loved, loved, loved everything.

*Thank you to striking air traffic controllers in France!

TerrazaGuacamole (1)Tacos (2)Buey (3)Tacos (4)


Minnesota Christmas

7 Jan

I’m back in Madrid but wishing I was still at home in Minnesota.  I’ve been feeling a little homesick and spent the afternoon looking through photos from our Christmas vacation.

It’s back to work tomorrow and I’m hoping seeing the little beans tomorrow morning will cure my homesick blues.














Very Merry

6 Jan

This is a bit late but I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s!

I flew home to spend the holidays in Minnesota and we had the best vacations!  I love those breaks when I forget the day of the week and all about my work routine for awhile.

We kept busy with Christmas dinners, a Timberwolves game, ice-skating, a trip to the Art Institute, and lots of shopping but my favorite time was spent at home with my family assembling puzzles and baking Spritz cookies!

Merry Christmas

Chocolate Chip Cookies

28 Nov

One treat that instantly transports me back home to Minnesota is a warm chocolate chip cookie.  My mom’s cookies are my favorites but this Sunday I opted for a simpler recipe.  I just used the one on the package of Nestlé Toll House chocolate chips (which of course reminded me of this episode of Friends)!

And the cookies turned out really well!  Crispy and chewy and perfect with a glass of cold milk…

Turkey Day

22 Nov

I woke up this morning a little homesick.  On Thanksgiving I want to be in Minnesota with my family, eating stuffing and pies and assembling giant puzzles.

But my Thanksgiving lessons this morning at school cheered me up a bit.  First the class created a list of of all the things we are thankful for (my favorite contributions were “vacation” and “soccer”).  Then each student printed out what he felt thankful for on a Turkey feather that we glued on our colorful bird.

The second-graders really seemed to understand the concept of thankfulness and I love the universality of our thankful list–it turns out children everywhere are thankful for sweets!

Happy Turkey Day to you!

I am so thankful for my family and friends back home and for the chance to have this adventure that is my life here in Madrid.

Apple Pie

1 Oct

I’ve been thinking about baking an apple pie for a few weeks and yesterday afternoon I finally made one.

Apple pie is such a classic fall dessert and it reminds me of all of our favorite autumn traditions in Minnesota!

Back in Madrid!

15 Sep

I am back in Madrid after a long visit in Minnesota this summer!

I am missing home these days but this view always cheers me right up.