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New York Minute

16 Oct

I visited a friend in the Big Apple this week, and was enchanted by the famous city.

I especially loved:

1.  A morning in Central Park

It's no Calhoun or Harriet, but it's not too shabby, is it?

A gray day did not keep us inside (The Plaza is in the background).

2.  Being marched all over Manhattan by a tireless tour guide (my feet ache and my back is sore but I’m satisfied knowing I canvased a lot ground on that crowded island).

The view of Brooklyn from Pier 17.

3.  Sweet, sweet treats!

Magnolia Bakery (where I was given a respite from our long expeditions and where I also consumed a few life-changing pumpkin whoopie pies).

I also indulged in a "candy" cupcake from Crumbs (or maybe two cupcakes...but it was worth it). Aren't they too pretty?

4.  And finally, being reminded of Madrid

I was so surprised to see Times Square filled with balloons promoting Spanish tourism (and celebrating the 100th anniversary of Gran Vía).

Then I nearly burst with excitement when I spotted the Zara on 5th Avenue.

And I snapped a picture of Columbus Square because it reminded me so distinctly of Plaza Colón (Columbus Square) in Madrid.

I’m not certain if NYC was in a particularly Spanish mood this week or if it’s just an international city and what I’m able to detect are the influences that strike me as most reminiscent of life in Madrid.  Either way I had moments in which I felt like I was sharing an inside joke with the city, as if the storefront of Tous was coyly winking at me as I trotted along towards Rockefeller Center.