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Little Red Dress

8 Jul

I went on an impromptu shopping trip with Keara this afternoon and I picked up a new outfit!  I love the red dress and the wedges, the perfect ensemble to throw on for afternoon drinks on a terraza in Madrid.


Tell Me What You Know About Dreamin’

17 Feb

On Tuesday night I slept poorly (really, really poorly).  I woke up in the middle of the night sobbing, my sheets and blankets strew around my room, terrified by a vivid nightmare.  I spent the early hours of the morning curled up on the living room sofa with a mug of milk watching a special about the Duchess of Alba and her lover, Alfonso (excellent programming).

I am now an expert on this lovely couple.

And on Wednesday morning, as part of my recovery from the previous night’s trauma my boss and I went on a shopping excursion.

We made a stop at one of my favorite shops in Madrid, Pretty Ballerinas.

And I walked out with these precious ballet flats!

The patent-leather toe, the delicate bow, and the low heel make these shoes perfect!


Ballerina Mania

24 Jan

Ever since we went to see Black Swan I’ve been dying to get my little mitts on some ballerina-inspired gear…

Zara silk crepe dress with lace mao collar

Old Nave corsage cardigan

Gap cap toe patent ballet flats

Coach madison leather wristlet

Ann Taylor pearl rodelle stretch bracelet

I would love to slip one of these pieces on and add an extra girlie touch to my usual uniform of white tees and skinny jeans.


Cold Snap Solution

20 Jan

(Or Rafa for Armani).

The tennis champ is the new face of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani jeans…so while it’s a frigid night in Minneapolis (-7° F) his new Armani advertisements are anything but…

Nadal models the brand's undies...

...and jeans.

Hey, What’s Good?

11 Nov

Well,  I’ll tell you what’s good on November 11th in Minneapolis.

Honoring the men and women who have served our country  is good (Happy Veterans Day)!

Me and my grandpa (a World War II veteran).

Catching up with close friends is good.

I feel like I'm cheating because this picture isn't from our recent dinner and lunch dates, it's actually months old, but look at those pretty senior ladies!

Warm brownies are good.

My mama's brownies.

New Jeffrey Campbell pumps are good (and green).

Wouldn't these shoes be cute with cuffed jeans, a simple white v-neck, and a classic pea coat?

And an outtake that sums up how most projects go around here these days, that is to say a little kitten named Figgy is highly involved with all of them.

And speaking of a certain kitty, Fig is good.



...and like I said, getting herself involved of course.

And finally, Florence and the Machine’s album Lungs is good (like really, really good).

I can't stop listening to "The Dog Days Are Over."

So, that’s what’s good!

Rainy Weekend

24 Oct

How was your weekend?

Mine started out with a little Yves Klein.

Yves Klein, Untitled Pink Monochrome (MP19) c. 1962

I spent some time with Klein’s chefs-d’oeuvre when I studied abroad in France.

Nice, where the French painter was born, is lovely.

In Southern France we spent the majority of our time in modern and contemporary art museums (where we were serious and focused the entire time).

Tatsuo Miyajima, Mirror 2007

But despite some shenanigans and the occasional whining over being trapped inside on gorgeous days Klein’s work made an impression on me.  So on Saturday we visited the exhibit Yves Klein: With the Void, Full Powers at the Walker Art Center.

My weekend wrapped-up with the purchase of some shiny new puddle boots (just in time for the gray weather that’s arrived in Minneapolis).

I love these black Hunter boots. I think they are both timeless and classy. And if they helped the Allies win the war then this footwear ought to do something special for me too.

And mixed into the museum-going, boot-buying fun was a lot of football (we watched the Wisconsin game, the Carleton game, and now we’re watching the Vikings at Green Bay).

The Badgers beat the Hawkeyes!

I’m hoping for a productive (kitten-filled) week!

My Super Bolso

23 Jul

So, I may have seen this idea on another blog, but my little bean was camera shy today and this is what we’ve got to work with…

Inés was tired of all the attention from the paparazzi (me). Poor thing, we'll have to give her the day off tomorrow.

A peak at what’s inside my super bolso!

I emptied my purse on my bed and documented the contents.

Here’s a rundown of what I drag around with me on a daily basis:

1.  A Dooney and Bourke wallet with the very little “capital” that I have (as Jasmine would say)

2. A clever fan-perfume sample from Sephora, I hung onto it, it’s hot here, ya’ll!

3. A metro map of Madrid

4. My sunglasses, bought from a little eyeglass shop in Uptown when I was in highschool

5. Hand sanitizer

6. A BlackBerry that rarely functions, and a Spanish cell phone that usually does

7. My Aborno de Transporte

8. Gum (that always ends up being chewed by a certain 4-year old)

9. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

10. An I-Pod from the Stone Age

11. Hair ties and bobby pins

12. A Coach wristlet that stores all the little items in my bag that otherwise love to float to the bottom.