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24 Jun

I met Paige and Keara to watch Spain play France in the quarter-finals of the Euro Cup last night.  We drank claras con limón, ate spicy patatas bravas, and cheered for the Spanish team.

And Spain won!  Que viva España!


Museo Sorolla

27 May

This morning after breakfast I got my usual case of I-just-want-to get-out-of-the-house-jitters so we decided to visit the Museo Sorolla!  The museum is Joaquín Sorolla’s former house in Madrid and I especially like its lovely garden with fountains and orange trees.

The museum’s collection is large and not short on paintings of Spanish beaches which has only fueled all of my nonstop beach daydreaming!  Such a good reminder of why this tucked-away museum is one of my favorites in the city.

Day Trippers

10 Oct

Yesterday on a whim (instead of going to Ikea, actually) we took a day trip to the Sierra!

We stuffed ourselves with potatos with melted cheese and ham at La Petite Raclette in Navacerrada.

But before sitting down to lunch we did a little bit of goofing off…

After lunch we drove the ten minutes to San Lorenzo del Escorial and took a long walk through the monastery’s gardens.

We spent a lovely, bright autumn day laughing (and overeating)–I am so, so happy we opted for the Sierra instead of Ikea!