23 May

On Monday I stopped by the house in Pozuelo to visit the three little beans I used to nanny.  I hadn’t seen them in awhile and they had lots of stories to share–Almu just had her First Communion a week ago and Santi earned high marks on his report card!  I love seeing them, getting big hugs and kisses and of course then mulling over all the time I spent with the family as their au pair.

InésThree beansGroup photoAnd in other news…

We are taking a weekend trip to Oporto this weekend.  I’m day-dreaming about sipping some Port wine at a sunny outdoor cafe!



San Isidro

15 May

Today is a holiday in the capital in honor of the city’s patron saint, San Isidro.  Since we are off school for the day the little beans began the festivities yesterday and came to class dressed as chulapos and chulapas, in typical costumes from Madrid.  We danced the chotis and had lemonade and cookies in the patio.  Some of the boys were less than thrilled about pairing up with the girls for the dancing (there were even a few tears from Eduardo) but we recovered quickly from the trauma!

They all looked so sweet in their outfits–too adorable to be allowed!

2B--1Lucy--2Ainoha--3 Andrea--42C--52C girls--62A--7Girls dancing (1)--8Girls dancing (2)--9Girl dancing (3)--10Boys dancing--11Dancing--12Sandra and Iker--13Sandra and Iker (frown)--14Treats--15Hands--16Dancing in the patio--17Sister--18

Carrot Cupcakes

13 May

It’s official, I can’t get enough of these carrot cupcakes, I made a batch yesterday morning and by 9 o’clock last night they were gone!



11 May

I began the move out of my apartment today and as a treat after all the work of organizing and boxing I treated myself to Starbucks this afternoon.  I’m such a fan of those chocolate-chip muffins!


Beach Love

10 May

I love, love, love Nerja with all my heart.  So when we put of booking flights to Italy for our break last week and my plans to ride a Vespa through Florence fell through I didn’t mind at all because it meant a trip to Nerja.  We spent hours and hours at the beach and ate all my favorite foods, paella, crepes, and we even made homemade pizza.

A visit to the castle in Salobreña and the festivities for the Fiesta de las Cruces were special vacation highlights!


Beach and flowers--1Playing at the beach--2Beach rocks--3Fishermen--4Rock--5Julie and Ayo--6Me and Ayo--7Green street--8Street--9Castle walls--10Santi posing--11In jail--12SeñorasCrepePizzaCalamarSangria

Beach Trip

6 May

We just got home from a long weekend in Nerja, the drive back to the capital from the coast was a little heartbreaking yesterday.

My first priority for the vacation was spending lots of time down at the beach–it’s a luxury to just read a novel or listen to the sound of the waves and nap.

And on Saturday night Santi talked me into a walk to a strawberry patch just outside of town to pick up some fresh berries.  They are, hands down, the best strawberries I’ve ever eaten!

WaterEl salónBoat on beachDusk LunchBox of strawberriesStrawberries

Sunday in Madrid

28 Apr

I had such a nice Sunday in the city.

This morning I went for an early run and the sounds of helicopters reminded me of the marathon today.  I rushed home and Santi and I walked to Bilbao to cheer on the runners and look out for a few friends.  It was inspiring to see the race but after a half an hour my hands and nose were so cold that we had to sprint back home.

And I felt inspired at lunch time to make this mushroom risotto, and it turned out so well–I think I’ll be making it again and again.

*That guy on the street is throwing me the dirtiest look ever, right?

MarathonBandRunningRisotto (1)Risotto (2)