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Spring Break

31 Mar

We just spent a lovely week of vacation in southern Spain with my sweet parents!  We visited Grenada, Córdoba, and Sevilla and then finally stopped in Nerja for a few days at the beach.



Rained Out

10 Mar

It feels as if it’s been raining for weeks in the city but I won’t complain at all if Spring break is warm and sunny…

Raining or not, we still took a cold motorcycle ride to the Matadero Friday afternoon to pick up our bib numbers for a race on Saturday.

But one upside of the dreary weather?  We finally watched Argo this weekend and I loved it!


Race Day

3 Mar

This morning Santi and I walked to Casa de campo and then ran a 5-kilometer race!  The streets were so empty and quiet at 10 o’clock today, the capital wakes up late on Sunday mornings.  It was a lovely start to the day and I especially loved our walk through the city, it was a taking a little peek of  a Madrid that I rarely see.